5 trading servers of InstaForex for convenient trading

Вторник, 15.06.2010


Cent accounts of InstaForex are becoming more and more popular

Recently international online forex broker – InstaForex Company implemented new instrument for trading on Forex market – opportunity of work with Cent accounts. This tool turned out to be the real hit among the beginning traders all over the world. At present, thousands of traders use Cent accounts for gaining experience and optimization of their own trading strategy.

From now on we make another step forward the best trading conditions: we bring into service the group of Cent accounts: Cent.Standard and Cent.Eurica, min deal volume of which is 0.0001 market lot. This will help novices to perfect their trading skills, using the most convenient conditions, because we all know that following the rules of Money Management is of considerable importance. New types of accounts will be running on the special server – InstaForex-Cent.com.
Separate server introduction for cent accounts

On the basis of Cent accounts’ popularity and huge number of beginning traders who use them in trading, we came to a decision of launching new separate trading server for Cent accounts InstaForex-Cent.com. Now Cent accounts of newbies will be located separately from other accounts and this is aimed to ease-off the servers with standard accounts.

However, as it was before, Cent accounts remain available at Singapore server. Turning back to the separate server for Cent accounts InstaForex-Cent.com, we conceived it to be the real training platform for testing different strategies and styles of trading and perfecting skills of novices.

Besides bringing new trading server for Cent accounts into force, InstaForex Company started up new server devoted to the numerous contests and campaigns. Now every participant of any contest, held by InstaForex Company, can struggle for the part of the prize fund, which amounts to 500 000 USD, on the most favorable terms.
The number of trading servers counts 5!

In addition to the real trading cent server we launch additional demo-server InstaForex-Contest.com, which will serve for holding all InstaForex contests (it will be announced later).

Unprecedented increase of the number of trading servers till 5 strictly fits our strategy of high-quality breakthrough in the field of providing services to the clients. By the way, InstaForex services have been the leading ones in the field of Internet-trading for a long time.

Powerful technical part allows InstaForex Company to improve quality and speed of deals’ execution, which complete with reliability and experience of the company makes trading with InstaForex more attractive for all clients, regardless of their experience and trade volume.

Start up of 5 new trading servers and tens of intermediate data-centers one more time proves the leading position of InstaForex Company at the market of brokerage services all over the world.

We thank you for sharing InstaForex success with us!

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